information on virtual currencies

teaching of technical terms and their use

operations of change from cash into cryptocurrencies​


The first consultancy is free of charge and gives you a general understanding in response to basic questions.
For additional services the fees for the following consultancy services varies, depending on the required service, please submit a request

Ich habe mit der Firma CoinWave von Anfang an positive Erfahrungen, sei es mit der Beratung als auch mit der Betreuung, gemacht. Die Ansprechpartner sind kompetent und präsent. Ich habe CoinWave bereits erfolgreich weiterempfohlen und werde dies auch weiterhin machen.


We want to obtain a change in the mentality in order to become the pioneers of the new blockchain technology. Companies can observe the link between the virtual world and the real world through a transparent and straightforward procedure.
Manuel Prinoth - CEO

Manuel Prinoth

Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Winkler - Co-Founder

Thomas Winkler


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